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Luke Hendon

Home Town: NYC

Genre: Django music/Gypsy Jazz, World, Jazz

In his latest project, Luke Hendon draws from the tradition of the legendary gypsy guitar of Django Reinhardt and comes out swinging, soulful, funky, fresh, and innovative with his own project. In this stripped down acoustic setting, Luke's guitar takes center stage.   "I sort of got obsessed with learning a bunch of Django Reinhardt solos note for note-which took me several years-Now I try to take the technique I gained into creating my own music!"

Luke has had success in the world of Django music, performing with top players from around the world.
A Veteran guitarist, Luke has had many successes in his career. He has opened for legendary acts such as Al Green, Sun Ra, and Los Lobos, performed on Broadway, composed and recorded for television and film, worked with dance ensembles, cruise ships, theatre companies, and many, many bands. 
Past Press, Quotes

"Luke Hendon’s music is a reaffirmation of Jazz as fun." Jazz profiles

"It is beautifully performed and every note counts."Jazzscene Magazine

"This a must have for those with the heart of a gypsy." George Harris, Jazz Weekly

"a stone cold high water mark for the genre." Midwest Record

"Hendon’s take on the style is to

inject some very modern energy along with judiciously

placed non-jazz undertones. That’s the crucial

difference between maintaining and enriching a legacy." Mark Keresman, New York City Jazz Record



"Django's music always brings a smile to the lips and transports one back 1930s France, and the best compliment here is that Hendon's music does the same, but also with a foot planted firmly in the here and now in this too short, extremely well done recording."  BUDD KOPMAN  All About Jazz-

"Hendon’s improvisations are his own; they are not derived from Django. It takes a brave musician to improvise using an approach to Jazz so dominated by one of its iconic figures and yet to hold the belief that you have something original to say to say in that style of playing.

And that’s what’s going on in Silk and Steel - an homage to Django’s influence accompanied by Luke’s statement of independent creativity." Jazz Profiles




Luke Hendon Music


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