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First Review of Silk & Steel

My album Silk and Steel got it's first review. Thanks to Chris Spector for such glowing praise!

LUKE HENDON/Silk & Steel: When is a Django not a Django? When guitarist Hendon is at the helm pouring out originals that sound like Reinhardt tunes you think you remember but can’t place. Bringing his own hot club along to assemble pretty much a Hot Club of Now, Hendon and his pals strike all the right chords any gypsy guitar fan will recognize as the real deal. Sounding very much like the kind of cat who has the good hands to hold the vibe and keep it alive, this set is a stone cold high water mark for the genre. Sharp ears can pride themselves for finding the versatile Adrian Cunningham smartly tooting his clarinet in the mix adding to the festivities. Killer stuff throughout. Volume 39/Number 337 October 5, 2016 MIDWEST RECORD 7 CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher Copyright 2016 Midwest Record

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