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Here is a great review from Jazzscene magazine!

Silk and Steel; Luke Hendon, guitar

If you lean in the direction of the charm, intimacy

and very high musicianship of guitarist Django Reinhardt

and violinist Stephane Grappelli, you are going to derive

much pleasure from this delightful, honest session. Hendon

makes clear his mentor is Reinhardt, playing flawless acoustic

guitar to polished perfection. The Grappelli role is played

by a violinist simply known as “Pooquette.” Because they

play a nearly all-original program, the session is very much

their own, and not a Django-Stephane “throwback.” The two

work seamlessly with various rhythm guitars, and here and

there the reed work of Adrian Cunningham. This is authentic

‘20’s and ‘30’s swing music. It is beautifully performed

and every note counts.

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