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Luke Hendon: Silk & Steel

by George W. Harris • October 31, 2016 • 0 Comments

Guitarist Luke Hendon delivers a winning and swinging album that mixes gypsy jazz with deft ensemble work The team includes rhythm guitarists Josh Kaye, Ted Gottsegen and Hendi Looze, and along with violinist Pooquette, reedist Adrian Cunningham and bassist Ben Rubens, they swing like the breeze on “Nothin’ But A Groove” and the Django-inspired “Dinner With Paulus.” Pooquette’s violin is rich, warm and wide, creating a caravan of celebration on “Lola” , while the team gets bluesy on “To Much Tequila.” Hendon’s touch is sweet and suave, delivering some flamenco on “Paquito” and serenading from the piazza on “Softly as in a Morning Sunrise.” Violin and guitar ruminate like reunited friends on “Joni,” making this a must have for those with the heart of a gypsy.

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